Many people think of Twitter as a time-pass, so before I start writing, I would like to show you guys a video by Amanda Gore and Jeff Bullas, a well-known people in the world of marketing, explaining the importance of Twitter:

Before entering Marketing industry, even I wasn’t aware of the fact that Twitter can be of so much of importance. Now that we’ve established its importance, what’s next!! Yes, you’re thinking right, How do I get people to follow me on Twitter.? There are few incredibly easy steps to increase your Twitter followers.

Twitter follow

  • Engage with people you are connected on Twitter

“Thank you” is your keyword that plays an important role in the process of engaging. For example, if someone adds you to their list, thank them for adding. They would definitely feel nice. Wouldn’t you? Also like and comment on the posts that people in your list post, but only the relevant ones. Also asking questions is good method in engaging with people.

To help our new users, here are some ways attract and engage followers on Twitter.

Lets imagine a situation where in chat there is a discussion about something very important, but complex at the same time, and you participate by giving a relevant point of view. People reaction would be like “WOW”, I like this guy, and they will find and follow you.

Also have a look at this article for more closure.

ifttt app recipe

IFTTT is an abbreviation for “if this that then.” It is a powerful tool that triggers for Searches, Mentions, Location Tracking and more. It is an automatic tool that puts a valuable tweet in a specific category.

Here are some awesome IFTTT recipes that are amazingly efficient.

our bat signal by GoatChild, on Flickr

These are helpful in categorizing discussions and find Twitter users who are interested in the topic. Choosing the relevant topic is a must for “hashtag”. Also look for Do’s and Don’t’s of “hashtags”.

Having fun on Twitter and sharing your memories also plays a vital role in making connections. It helps you connect with people on a personal level.