SEO is acronym for Search Engine Optimization. Before we start with ‘HOW’, let’s watch a short video on ‘WHY’ SEO is of extremely importance:

What do we do when we are unable to find out something on our own? Simple, we Google it. But what you see on Google is a bit complicated. Google or any other search engine doesn’t show anything, it shows only relevant ads. In an article which indicates how customer incline from Awareness to Action stage, famous Columnist Jim Yu explains how to do the same.


Lets focus now on ‘HOW’ to achieve these goals:

Make a good Optimized Landing Page

Primary focus of SEO is ranking, and landing page is the most important tool in achieving that. It is the determinant of the Quality Score of your ad, therefore you need to make it right. Following are the components of creating an amazing landing page:

  • Keyword focus title, content and head-line.
  • Well-written description.
  • Inbound links and socialization options like facebook page, twitter, linkedin etc.
  • For user to have a great experience, your website should be easy to navigate.

Optimizing SEO goals using multi-channel funnels

Very smartly illustrated out by Avinash Kaushik is, that “the answer with multi-channel attribution modeling is not “who gets how much credit” but rather “how can I optimally balance my digital marketing portfolio.” Meaning all the social media platforms should be used effectively, which leads to optimization of SEO, which is a conversion path that we optimize for.

Importance of Content in SEO

Search engines create a very strong algorithm which automatically throws out the spammers from their search results. Only relevant and useful content can trigger your ad, because after all everything is about customer experience. Content should only be related to your industry or business, so undoubtedly content can create SEO advantages. Here is something on how to create great content.

Creating an Holistic Experience for the people

Let say a person visited you website, but then he just leaves. This means that person could be your possible lead. Holistic experience exactly focuses on how to generate leads for your business. If the website experience for that potential customer was awesome, this wouldn’t have happened. So, the best way to get over this and create a good holistic environment is while you’re designing or putting your brand on the internet, all you have to do is think like a customer.

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