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Digital Marketing is surrounded by tons of misconceptions. A well known Columnist, Scott Rayden highlighted some of these myths, that a good digital marketer would be well aware of, and if they are not, well its time they debunk them all.

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Its common for companies or people to think that just technology is the only requirement for digital marketing to put in place. Clearly, they should know better just by thinking few simple things. What should be the best media channel for the business, we can’t just go and market everywhere. Extensive strategy and implementation plan is required, digital marketing is not a one go process, instead it is a step by step process. We need to know the goals and objectives, to put out tactics in order. Channels and communication need to work in harmony, not like an un-tuned guitar,  for a successful digital marketing campaign.

Mobile might not be the best channel for marketing in present as compared to laptops or PC’s, but it definitely is the future. And a business can only be successful, if you think by keeping future tactics in mind

Here’s a perfect video to contradict this myth:

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Lets take Twitter for an example. On an average 500 millions tweets are sent everyday, and not all of them are from the consumers. Social media is a platform, which removes the barriers and puts businesses in contact. Every CEO is on Twitter, they come across many different businesses that they are even aware of, and the fact is some of that are so good that they go forward and try to connect with that business. But this requires great online presence and reputation.

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Very few people are aware, according to Marketing skill handbook developed by HubSpot and Linkedin, in 2015 top marketing companies want SEO/SEM specialist in their team the most, which clearly highlights the importance of SEO. And 44% of the consumer start their buying process by using search engine.