Am sure today everyone is very well aware of what Instagram is, and what it does. But not all of us are not aware what Instagram can do for our business. Yes, you heard it right. Many people might thing, I go party and put pictures on Instagram and that’s the just the service it provides to people. Well yes, but why not make it more worthy platform for the business when millions of people have access to it, and need no say, its a free advertising platform. It is useful for industries like fashion, e-commerce, furniture etc. It inspired me to write my blog after I read an article related to my topic.

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But the main question, how can we make this happen! I am going to discuss some brief and easy ways to turn things around, and am sure that will work.

When people see your profile, within few seconds they should know what does your brand stands for, or what you do. Because if you interest them in those few seconds, then they will continue to see your profile, else they will move on. So make your profile spot on. It can be done by adding the right images, right content etc.

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‘Starbucks’ clearly portrays what it stands for, and giving the right message.

This you can do just by editing your profile, just copy paste the link. This is a clickable link provided by Instagram. This tactic leads your followers to your website. This is helpful in lead generation and conversion rate.

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Instagram allows you to design photos that convert, in other words place a call to action. Its a little complex to put on the right content on images. Make sure your content targets the right audience, or what your target customers want to see. Lets understand this by an example:

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‘Give Basecamp a try’, that’s a call to action, that works very well. Why? Firstly, the language is easy, and they asking their target audience to try, instead forcing them to use it. They know their service is good, and after 60 days people would pay and the business will grow.

Instagram is conquering the world of advertising and within few years it will be the biggest platform. So, lets innovate ourselves by educating ourselves with the change.