Hey guys..!

I am a graduate from Unitec Institute of Technology, major in Marketing. I was an engineer before I entered Marketing, which is a great advantage for me because, from the production of a product or service to carry out and explode out that product to the world, I know all. But businesses need a lot more to be a successful one, which is positive and friendly attitude, and loyalty, “if you’re not loyal to your team, then who are you..! And I like changes, changes leads to innovation and innovation leads to success.  My problem solving attitude and knowledge for AdWords helps me move forward in the industry.

Back in India I’ve worked as Marketer for few companies. And am big fan of solar energy, so me and friends made a solar panel remote controlled car, and it was an amazing experience. In New Zealand, I am working for Trust Power in Marketing and Sales department.

In the future I’d like to see myself as Head of Digital Marketing Operations in MNC. But I do think starting my own business, and become a successful Entrepreneur. I am working my way up in the world, and truly believe if I keep on working like this, my chances are pretty good. But there’s a long journey ahead, so I don’t think about the future all the time.

For me “Success has no Destination Point.” If you think you’ve achieved everything in life, well you’ve not. So push yourself hard and drag yourself to the point where you can rest for a while, but NEVER STOP.