Get ‘Instagram’ work for your business.

Am sure today everyone is very well aware of what Instagram is, and what it does. But not all of us are not aware what Instagram can do for our business. Yes, you heard it right. Many people might thing, I go party and put pictures on Instagram and that’s the just the service it provides to people. Well yes, but why not make it more worthy platform for the business when millions of people have access to it, and need no say, its a free advertising platform. It is useful for industries like fashion, e-commerce, furniture etc. It inspired me to write my blog after I read an article related to my topic.

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But the main question, how can we make this happen! I am going to discuss some brief and easy ways to turn things around, and am sure that will work.

When people see your profile, within few seconds they should know what does your brand stands for, or what you do. Because if you interest them in those few seconds, then they will continue to see your profile, else they will move on. So make your profile spot on. It can be done by adding the right images, right content etc.

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‘Starbucks’ clearly portrays what it stands for, and giving the right message.

This you can do just by editing your profile, just copy paste the link. This is a clickable link provided by Instagram. This tactic leads your followers to your website. This is helpful in lead generation and conversion rate.

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Instagram allows you to design photos that convert, in other words place a call to action. Its a little complex to put on the right content on images. Make sure your content targets the right audience, or what your target customers want to see. Lets understand this by an example:

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‘Give Basecamp a try’, that’s a call to action, that works very well. Why? Firstly, the language is easy, and they asking their target audience to try, instead forcing them to use it. They know their service is good, and after 60 days people would pay and the business will grow.

Instagram is conquering the world of advertising and within few years it will be the biggest platform. So, lets innovate ourselves by educating ourselves with the change.


Digital Marketing Myths Marketers Need To Stop Believing:

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Digital Marketing is surrounded by tons of misconceptions. A well known Columnist, Scott Rayden highlighted some of these myths, that a good digital marketer would be well aware of, and if they are not, well its time they debunk them all.

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Its common for companies or people to think that just technology is the only requirement for digital marketing to put in place. Clearly, they should know better just by thinking few simple things. What should be the best media channel for the business, we can’t just go and market everywhere. Extensive strategy and implementation plan is required, digital marketing is not a one go process, instead it is a step by step process. We need to know the goals and objectives, to put out tactics in order. Channels and communication need to work in harmony, not like an un-tuned guitar,  for a successful digital marketing campaign.

Mobile might not be the best channel for marketing in present as compared to laptops or PC’s, but it definitely is the future. And a business can only be successful, if you think by keeping future tactics in mind

Here’s a perfect video to contradict this myth:

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Lets take Twitter for an example. On an average 500 millions tweets are sent everyday, and not all of them are from the consumers. Social media is a platform, which removes the barriers and puts businesses in contact. Every CEO is on Twitter, they come across many different businesses that they are even aware of, and the fact is some of that are so good that they go forward and try to connect with that business. But this requires great online presence and reputation.

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Very few people are aware, according to Marketing skill handbook developed by HubSpot and Linkedin, in 2015 top marketing companies want SEO/SEM specialist in their team the most, which clearly highlights the importance of SEO. And 44% of the consumer start their buying process by using search engine.

HOW and WHY to Optimize your SEO goals??

SEO is acronym for Search Engine Optimization. Before we start with ‘HOW’, let’s watch a short video on ‘WHY’ SEO is of extremely importance:

What do we do when we are unable to find out something on our own? Simple, we Google it. But what you see on Google is a bit complicated. Google or any other search engine doesn’t show anything, it shows only relevant ads. In an article which indicates how customer incline from Awareness to Action stage, famous Columnist Jim Yu explains how to do the same.


Lets focus now on ‘HOW’ to achieve these goals:

Make a good Optimized Landing Page

Primary focus of SEO is ranking, and landing page is the most important tool in achieving that. It is the determinant of the Quality Score of your ad, therefore you need to make it right. Following are the components of creating an amazing landing page:

  • Keyword focus title, content and head-line.
  • Well-written description.
  • Inbound links and socialization options like facebook page, twitter, linkedin etc.
  • For user to have a great experience, your website should be easy to navigate.

Optimizing SEO goals using multi-channel funnels

Very smartly illustrated out by Avinash Kaushik is, that “the answer with multi-channel attribution modeling is not “who gets how much credit” but rather “how can I optimally balance my digital marketing portfolio.” Meaning all the social media platforms should be used effectively, which leads to optimization of SEO, which is a conversion path that we optimize for.

Importance of Content in SEO

Search engines create a very strong algorithm which automatically throws out the spammers from their search results. Only relevant and useful content can trigger your ad, because after all everything is about customer experience. Content should only be related to your industry or business, so undoubtedly content can create SEO advantages. Here is something on how to create great content.

Creating an Holistic Experience for the people

Let say a person visited you website, but then he just leaves. This means that person could be your possible lead. Holistic experience exactly focuses on how to generate leads for your business. If the website experience for that potential customer was awesome, this wouldn’t have happened. So, the best way to get over this and create a good holistic environment is while you’re designing or putting your brand on the internet, all you have to do is think like a customer.

Also, have a look at why SEO is important and businesses should invest in it.

Help yourself grow on Twitter, or some might call “Twitter Marketing.”

Many people think of Twitter as a time-pass, so before I start writing, I would like to show you guys a video by Amanda Gore and Jeff Bullas, a well-known people in the world of marketing, explaining the importance of Twitter:

Before entering Marketing industry, even I wasn’t aware of the fact that Twitter can be of so much of importance. Now that we’ve established its importance, what’s next!! Yes, you’re thinking right, How do I get people to follow me on Twitter.? There are few incredibly easy steps to increase your Twitter followers.

Twitter follow

  • Engage with people you are connected on Twitter

“Thank you” is your keyword that plays an important role in the process of engaging. For example, if someone adds you to their list, thank them for adding. They would definitely feel nice. Wouldn’t you? Also like and comment on the posts that people in your list post, but only the relevant ones. Also asking questions is good method in engaging with people.

To help our new users, here are some ways attract and engage followers on Twitter.

Lets imagine a situation where in chat there is a discussion about something very important, but complex at the same time, and you participate by giving a relevant point of view. People reaction would be like “WOW”, I like this guy, and they will find and follow you.

Also have a look at this article for more closure.

ifttt app recipe

IFTTT is an abbreviation for “if this that then.” It is a powerful tool that triggers for Searches, Mentions, Location Tracking and more. It is an automatic tool that puts a valuable tweet in a specific category.

Here are some awesome IFTTT recipes that are amazingly efficient.

our bat signal by GoatChild, on Flickr

These are helpful in categorizing discussions and find Twitter users who are interested in the topic. Choosing the relevant topic is a must for “hashtag”. Also look for Do’s and Don’t’s of “hashtags”.

Having fun on Twitter and sharing your memories also plays a vital role in making connections. It helps you connect with people on a personal level.

A New And Futuristic Era Of Marketing: Digital Marketing

Internet is becoming a digital marketing battle ground, therefore, it makes it important for every company to stand on the top in this new fast-forwarding  modern day search marketing era. In the future it is expected to grow 10 folds.

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Across all industries, high quality content has become priority and way they use to approach their customers is changes and now they’ve opted a new business approach, i.e., digital marketing. Companies like Coca-Cola, Nestle, Red Bull etc. now spent more than $10 million on their content production, which is more than what they spent on advertising.

Who Made Digital Marketing Such A Success?

Millennials and Gen-X has a huge impact on growth of global content marketing. Millennials are tech-savvy, educated and diverse. They use their mobile devices 14% more than others.


Experian Research, often referred to ‘Omni-Channel Consumer Bill of Right’,  helps the marketers acknowledge the buying pattern or behaviour of the millennials. Even though millennials are ideal for the marketing campaigns, but it is very important to understand that all of them have different needs and wants. So, run a smart marketing campaign, focused on millennials and their unique shopping behaviour, and reach them via channels that they care about the most.

Determine Your Goals.

There are many types of AdWords campaigns in digital marketing. Therefore, it becomes really important for the marketers to understand the importance of determining your goals. These might include:

  • Increasing web traffic or awareness.
  • Educating and informing.
  • Sales.
  • Establishing brand equity and credibility.

The one thing common about these goals are that they are all achievable, you just need the right strategy to achieve it.

Measuring Performance.

Keep a track on your ongoing campaigns, and find out what works the best for you. Then invest on that and get the maximum ROI. For example, Kraft generates more than $1.1 billion ad impressions in a year through content marketing, which is a lot more than what it does through advertising.

Rethinking your Digital Marketing Metrics.

Marketer's favorite.
Marketer’s favorite.

Every company or brand, new or old, big or small, needs a social media and mobile ad campaign. But it is nearly impossible to cover all the platforms involved in social media and mobile. In 2015, at Digital Marketing Conference, it was the topic of discussion. Hopkins and McGuire acknowledged that the marketers have to prove that they can anyhow provide sure shot ROI to the investors, but it is difficult to prove from social and mobile campaign. But the impact of such campaigns can be measured by keep 3 ROI tenets in mind, i.e.,

  • Revenue generation
  • Cost reduction
  • Risk

Here’s a video which gives an idea about , ‘how to make less noise and more signals.’

Although it is hard to measure the outcomes, but a progressive and experiences marketer would know the focus point and begin by counting the basics such as target audience, engagement, reach etc. Some organizations step-in a little early on social content and the mobile knowledge, with unguided research, hence the end result is mostly not good in these scenarios. Many of them make pages on Face book, Twitter etc., just to be on it and because people told them to, but what they don’t get is whether is working for them as a customer service tool. Due to the fall in ROI numbers, C-level people back of.

The way connecting people through mobile applications is very different from the websites. Since 2013, mobile e-commerce trend is overtaking laptops or PC’s. Therefore, it becomes equal important for the marketers to incline towards mobile metrics, may be more.

In order to create successful social and mobile insight strategy, it is important to organize the right and experienced team. Research comes first than action, which ultimately gives a good result. Remember while selecting the mediums for the campaign, always think like a customer and think how and where would you prefer finding that particular product.

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